Dutch Surge Support and Dutch Risk Reduction Team

dsswater-drrteam-headerThe Dutch water expertise is widely known and Dutch experts are involved in water related projects all over the world. The Dutch government together with the Dutch water sector and the Netherlands Red Cross founded the Dutch Surge Support (DSS water) and the Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR-Team). With these facilities the Dutch government and water sector contributes to a better international response to water related disasters and a sustainable and safer water future.

With the DSS and DRR instrument the Netherlands is able to cover the entire disaster management cycle from mitigation, preparedness and response to recovery. 

Dutch Surge Support (DSS water): A rapid response to water related disasters
DSS water (Dutch Surge Support) supplies water experts to humanitarian organisations that are active during and immediately after a disaster. In this way the experts add to saving lives and relieve the suffering of a vulnerable population that is affected by disaster. DSS water was established early 2015 as an initiative of the Dutch government and the Dutch Red Cross. The execution of this facility is with the Dutch Red Cross, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in cooperation with the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). Read more

Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR-Team): Reducing the risk of water related disasters
Many countries around the world face severe water threats. Often, these countries are in urgent need of expert advice on how to prevent a disaster or how to recover from a calamity. For instance, when a country has been struck by severe floodings and the first emergency relief workers have gone, the need for advise on how to build a sustainable and safer water future arises. To meet these needs with a swift response, the Dutch government has initiated the Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR Team). This team of experts advises governments on how to resolve urgent water issues related to flood risks, water pollution and water supply, to prevent disasters or to rebuild after water related disasters. Read more  


The Netherlands is your international partner for water solutions. Please contact the local Dutch embassy for more information.