Dutch Surge Support (DSS water)

A rapid response to water related disasters
DSS water (Dutch Surge Support) responds to the needs during water related disasters around the globe by deploying excellent experts from the Dutch water sector. DSS water is an initiative of the Dutch government, in close cooperation with the Dutch Water Sector and the Netherlands Red Cross. With the DSS water facility the Netherlands aims to contribute to a better international response to water and sanitation related disasters and assist in building up knowledge in dealing with these emergencies.

How does it work?
DSS water offers a one-stop-shop for international humanitarian organizations in need of water expertise. Topics include (urban) water and sanitation, water resources management and water supply. A dedicated surge support team is mandated to coordinate the contacts with international humanitarian organizations and a pre-selected pool of Dutch Water Experts. 

When a humanitarian organization requests assistance, the surge support team decides whether or not DSS water experts are deployed to a stricken area. 

From emergency response to recovery and prevention
DSS water is complementary to the existing DRR instrument (DRR-Teams) that focuses on prevention and recovery from water related disasters. With the addition of the DSS instrument the Netherlands will be able to cover the entire disaster management cycle from mitigation, preparedness and response to recovery.


The Netherlands is your international partner for water solutions. Please contact the local Dutch embassy for more information.