The 10th Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics under the auspices of IAHR, River Flow 2020, will be held in Delft, Netherlands, from 7 - 10 July.

Announcement of River Flow 2020 conference

Fluvial hydraulics

River Flow has become a major international conference in river engineering and fluvial hydraulics. It allows scientific researchers to present and discuss the latest insights, and to communicate with engineers involved in areas such as fluvial flow and structure processes or sediment transport.

Since 2002, this conference series is organized biannually under the auspices of The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). The previous edition was in Lyon, France in 2018. 

Natural river environment

The conference themes relate closely to river basin development and more specifically in the research line of the natural environment. 

This research line includes related subjects such as sediment management at the basin scale, processes of sediment and river engineering and morphodynamics. 

This year's theme are:
● rivers in urbanised areas
● river functions under pressure
● climate change and extreme events
● nature-based solutions
● the healthy river
● the digital river
● river resources: food, energy, water        

Several special sessions will ne held around healthy rivers and river monitoring systems.