The Netherlands may be relatively small but its specialists have been involved in large, international water projects since the Middle Ages. The first Dutch water boards (regional water authorities) were founded in the twelfth century. Living in the frontline between land and water, in a low lying delta partly below sea level, water expertise has become part of Dutch identity.

Hallmark of Dutch water expertise: an integrated approach

What do you do when you live in a small and densely populated country, where three major rivers flow out into the sea? You become creative, you organize, combine, invent and cooperate to make the most of you resources and space. This has become the hallmark of Dutch water expertise, the integrated approach to water issues: water safety, water provision and infrastructure combined with the needs of people, planet and profit. The past has taught us to plan for the future. It has also taught us that there are no easy fixes. The Dutch water sector has become an international partner for sustainable, integrated solutions that take into account a region’s needs and circumstances and merge multiple disciplines. They are not always the cheapest, nor are they the most obvious. But they are the most effective.

Areas of expertise

The Dutch water sector offers a wide range of knowledge and expertise on water. Learn more about our expertise on Resilient CitiesEnabling Delta LifeWater and AgriFoodWater for AllSmart Information SolutionsWater technology and Mining. Or read more about what the Netherlands has to offer on education.



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