The Delta Approach

Preconditions for sustainable delta management:
Introducing 12 building blocks inspired by 10 deltas

Urban deltas worldwide are facing the same challenges; population growth, flood risk, spatial planning, scarce natural resources. While the solutions for each delta may be different, the preconditions for a sustainable delta approach are the same. In close cooperation with urban deltas worldwide, the Netherlands developed the ‘twelve building blocks for a delta approach’. In short: the ‘must haves’ for sustainable delta management.

The delta approach is a strategic planning process for delta development that integrates sustainability, institutional, physical and social economic aspects. It is an integrated water management planning approach that has proven to be very successful in the Dutch Delta programme, and has been tested and developed with international partners. The 12 building blocks are essential for a delta approach and can also be applied in other delta countries/regions/cities to further delta planning processes.


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