Water experts are needed. Economic development in large parts of the world leads to an increase in the demand for clean water. Furthermore, a large part of the worlds’ population lives in coastal cities that are prone to flooding. And climate change creates new challenges we have not dealt with before. In the near future, demand for water expertise will exceed the current supply of water experts. Want to learn about H20? Come to the Netherlands!

The Netherlands have some of the world's top educational institutions in the water sector.

Regular educational institutes

Specialized educational institutes

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 YEP Programmes


The number of professionals in the water sector with real international experience is declining in the Netherlands, as well as in Europe and other continents – while the problems with too much, too little and too-dirty water are increasing. The Netherlands needs to maintain its reputation for water management. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Water Partnership have initiated the Young Expert Programme Water (YEP Water) with the objective of providing assurances for the continued availability of international professionalism and expertise in the water sector. This programme offers Dutch young professionals an opportunity to acquire professional experience abroad and young local professionals an opportunity to take their first steps in an international work environment via Dutch organisations. In adopting this approach YEP Water makes a contribution to a dynamic international water network and makes this network open to a new generation of water experts.

Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and social organisations that are involved in the policy for and implementation of development cooperation activities outside the Netherlands can submit a project proposal for the deployment of a Young Expert for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years. The deployment of Young Experts is related to one or more of the following three themes:

  • efficient water management, in particular in the agricultural sector
  • improved river basin management and safe estuaries
  • access to safe drinking water and sanitation

The Young Experts participate in a special training and coaching programme and receive intensive and external coaching during the period of their secondment. The programme offers scope for the deployment of about 25 Dutch and 25 local Young Experts a year. The programme aspires an equal deployment of men en women.



Wetskills is a series of events where Dutch water-related students meet foreign students and work on innovative solutions for existing water cases.





Candidate Young Experts


Are you a young professional who would like to work for the Dutch water sector in an international environment? Vacancies for the available projects will be placed on the website Here you can read more about the criteria as well.

For more information you can contact the YEP programme bureau at the Netherlands Water Partnership in The Hague.
T: (+31)070-3043704.

YEP Water is a programme carried out jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).