Watertechnology and the circular economy

The Netherlands is an estuary of three main rivers, flowing from Europe into the sea. These rivers have passed many cities and industries. Yet, they are one of the sources of clean, chlorine free drinking water from Dutch taps. Clean water is a challenge in the Netherlands, a small country partly below sealevel, with 17 million people and 17 million cattle. The country only measures 41.526 kilometres, but is one of the largest exporters of agricultural produce in Europe, famous for it’s cheese, cows and tulips. This has caused the Netherlands to develop cutting edge experience in water technology.

Water scarcity is one of the main world wide water challenges. We need to reduce, re-use, recycle and recover. To tackle these challenges, the Netherlands has technology and knowledge on offer:

  • High tech technology for water supply and water re-use
  • Simple and inexpensive appropriate water technologies
  • Smart monitoring systems
  • Innovative purification and drinkwater technologies
  • Recovery of nutrients and energy from water
  • Efficient technologies to reduce water use
  • Expertise in finance and governance of water systems and projects
  • Surface water systems and environmental expertise
  • Waste water technologies