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The KWT Group: leading manufacturer of flow control devices

Transparent and clear. That’s the KWT Group in a nutshell. From the very first contact up to and including delivery, you can count on our original and innovative approach. Our enthusiastic, driven and experienced team of civil engineers are able to optimise water management for any construction or renovation project, always in close cooperation with the client, and as a team. KWT Group is your partner in water management projects, when flow control devices for sewage treatment (pumping stations, STP, WWTP) or surface water are required.

Fast and targeted operations
KWT Group is a highly specialized manufacturer of flow control devices such as penstocks, tilting weirs, overflow weirs and valves. At KWT Group you will find all the disciplines, necessary for optimum results, under one roof. We take your project, specification or design sketch and develop it into a series of professional products, bespoke or from stock, that will positively contribute to your productivity. With its vast field experience, in combination with an experienced global network of agents and distributors, KWT is well equipped to providing a fast and matching solution to your specific needs in managing quantities of both brackish and natural water.

Experience generates quality
KWT Group have been involved in numerous international projects. In as far as Hong Kong, practically no DSD drainage project has been executed prior to consulting the availability of KWT’s high quality HDPE/SS316 penstocks as a solution. In Mexico, KWT supplied a range of high-pressure penstocks specified against 24 mwc for a foreign oil companies’ pontoon project. In Sharjah, UAE, KWT has been the selected source of penstocks for its STP expansion # 7 and Dubai’s high profile Motor and Sports City STP projects have been supplied with KWT’s uniquely designed medium pressure stainless steel penstocks.
At home, the Dutch Waterboards could not do without KWT’s surface water management solutions. The Blue City project, creating an ecologically challenging eco-tourism area where nature and population go hand in hand, has been a recent success with international exposure. Flood control, another Dutch expertise, has been a cornerstone of our business since 25 years resulting in major projects like Grey Lakes in Somerset and the tilting weirs at Land van Cuijk, an area full of history at the Meuse river bank near the German-Dutch border.

The process
Plans are transformed into rough sketches. Sketches are transformed by our engineers into detailed drawings reflecting your requirements with a preciseness of 1/100 mm! These details are then directly entered into application software which drive our CNC production machines. Just a small example of the short, practical links between engineering and technology: one of countless examples of combining innovative ideas and progressive production methods. This is KWT Group: the number one partner generating optimum returns for small, midsize and large clients and valued trade partners.

Safe and responsible
The product is important, but so is the way in which it is manufactured. The KWT Group is proud of the people who conduct work in-house and on-site. They are well aware of the social importance their work has for other people and the environment at large and do their utmost to ensure smooth, responsible and safe operations. The same goes for both large, comprehensive projects and smaller, more specific projects. With an eye for both people and their talents, the KWT Group is committed to providing a quality working environment for all those involved in our projects. KWT is a ISO9001:2000 and VCA (HS&E) certified company.

Waste water (Equipment), Ground water (Consultancy of equipment and products en Equipment), Surface water (Consultancy of equipment and products en Equipment), Process water (Equipment), Sewerage (Equipment) en Information Technology (Remote sensing en Other)

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