Meet the Dutch water sector at IWA Tokyo


Curious about the latest innovations of Dutch water technology companies? Meet the Dutch water sector at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition Tokyo (16 - 21 September 2018), booth number 9.

The Netherlands is well known for its Delta approach and water governance. But our integrated approach on water reaches much further than that. The Dutch water sector also offers a wide range of sustainable solutions on efficient (waste) water management, purification, nutrient recovery, water reuse, smart monitoring, and other appropriate water technologies.

Meet the exhibitors in the pavilion and take in the Dutch atmosphere in the hospitality lounge.

The Netherlands Water Pavilion is hosted by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

Meet the Dutch at several occaisions during IWA Tokyo:

Date Time Occasion
Monday September 17th  4 pm

Official delegate visit of China Environment Chamber of Commerce (CECC)
Location: Netherlands Pavilion booth 9

Tuesday September 18th 3:45 - 4:30 pm United Dutch water expertise – Integrated solutions for urban resilience and a circular economy
Location: Business Forum room 2

Wednesday September 19th  4.00 - 5.30 pm Networking reception
Location: Netherlands Pavilion booth 9











Amsterdam International Water Week 2019
The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is a global movement towards a sustainable water environment. This biennial event gathers experts from cities, industries, and utilities from all over the world to combine real-life water cases with innovative solutions. And so creating a circular and resilient water environment in high-density living areas. In 2017 we hosted the fourth edition of this event and we are looking forward to the next edition (our fifth anniversary) from November 4th - 8th 2019.


World’s leading trade event for process, drinking and waste water.
Aquatech Global Events is comprised of a portfolio of trade events held across the world where the global water industry comes together. Aquatech is aimed at professionals from all areas within the water industry and attracts policy makers, specialists, and others who apply these technologies in practice. |


Dunea stands for drinking water and nature conservancy. Dunea supplies drinking water to the south-western part of The Netherlands that ranks amongst the world's best, 24 hours a day and with the least possible service disruption. The coastal region of the province of South-Holland is crucial for the purification and production process. That's why we ensure the best possible nature conservation in the coastal dunes. In order to secure our services for future generations, we are continuously seeking for alternative sources of drinking water. |


EBC Foundation
EBC Foundation (European Benchmarking Co-operation) is an industry-based, not-for-profit benchmarking- and improvement programme. Mission of EBC is to support water- and wastewater utilities in the continuous process of improving & innovating their water services and raising transparency. Building on the experiences of its founding partners, EBC has developed a leading international benchmarking programme to improve water services. Participation in the programme enables utilities to assess their performance, learn from colleagues and thus improve their services. Annually, EBC organises benchmarking exercises for water- and wastewater utilities from across Europe and beyond. |


For more than 25 years MTD has provided experienced and passionate employees, high quality equipment and the latest technology so that your project -anywhere in the world – can have optimal supply and treatment of water. We provide temporary water infrastructures for both drinking water and waste water. Our market specialists have the right knowledge of the sectors: Events, Exhibitions and Industry. In collaboration with other organisations and suppliers our market specialists would be happy to work on your project. Safe drinking water is essential and therefore no risks can be taken. |


Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP): Uniting Dutch Water Expertise
The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is your gateway to the Dutch water sector. Companies, NGOs, knowledge institutes and government have joined forces in this public-private partnership. From water purification to spatial planning, form governance to land reclamation, from small scale solutions to mega structures, the partnership provides a wide range of expertise. The members of the partnership have joined forces to stimulate and offer sustainable water solutions worldwide by working together. For more information about Dutch water expertise, projects, knowledge, publications and events around the world, please check the website |


Nijhuis Industries Asia Pacific
Nijhuis Industries provides a unique portfolio of smart game-changing solutions in sustainable water use and resource recovery combined with our intelligent services to create profit out of waste and (waste)water. More than ever water is a critical resource where increasingly demanding environmental requirements have given rise to new technologies and working practises to create a more sustainable way of treating and reuse wastewater. Nijhuis Industries has a broad experience and application know-how within a wide range of industries, designing the most appropriate solutions to reduce, reuse and recover (waste)water. |


Pentair X-flow
Our membrane brand X-Flow develops and supplies high-quality innovative membrane technology for the filtration, separation, concentration, and purification processes of water and wastewater. Our product portfolio contains numerous innovative technologies for filtration and purification processes. Throughout the years Pentair X-Flow has especially gained expertise and experience in water purification, ranging from producing potable water to treating wastewater and the pre-treatment of seawater, but also in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Together with the extensive application know-how for projects of all sizes, this guarantees the best available water purification solutions. |


Springer Nature
Springer Nature is a leading academic and educational publisher serving the needs of researchers, students, teachers and professionals around the world, through our brands Springer, Nature Research, BMC and Palgrave Macmillan. We are the largest open access research publisher on both books and journals and home to Scientific Reports, the world’s largest open access journal. |


Vewin is the association of drinking water companies in The Netherlands. Vewin is based in The Hague, and has also an office in Brussels. Vewins core activity is to represent the common interests of its members in The Hague and Brussels. Ten Dutch drinking water companies ensure that reliable drinking water for over 17 million inhabitants flows from the tap 24 hours a day. The drinking water companies produce an annual total of 1.1 billion m³ of drinking water. The companies obtain water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and/or underground sources. This untreated water is then purified and distributed to the customer through a network of pipes and pumping stations. A constant supply is guaranteed. The drinking water companies are responsible for management and quality of all pipes up to the home water meter. Dutch drinking water meets the highest quality standards and the distribution network of the Dutch drinking water sector is in excellent working order. |


Waternet provides water services to 1.3 million people in Amsterdam and the wider Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Waternet is the only water company in the Netherlands that is dedicated to the entire water cycle, from providing drinking water, to collecting and treating storm and wastewater. Waternet maintains water levels, keeps surface water clean and manages shipping routes, locks and bridges. Waternet has an ambitious research and innovation programme aimed at developing smart and sustainable water related solutions. The programme is designed to benefit from a unique combination of knowledge and expertise present in the Waternet organization. This enables Waternet to be the frontrunner in the exploration of new concepts and technological innovations related to our tasks.


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Dutch Water Sector


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Dutch Water Sector


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