We like to share our knowledge and skills internationally. We believe that by putting our heads together, we can achieve more in confronting global water-related challenges.
On a daily basis this website informs you on the international activities of the Dutch water sector. For centuries, the Dutch have been involved in large international projects. International cooperation is second nature for a small trading nation. It is our view that the large water challenges we face, can only be met if we work together. We invite you to work with us.

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Is your project or product already online on this website? Currently we have more than 300 international Dutch projects online and more than 10.000 unique visitors each month. The perfect place to promote your project or product. On a daily basis the website publishes news and events about the Dutch water sector. On this website we also created a product database. Dutch companies and organizations that want to be in our project and/or product database, please send an e-mail to We will send you the application form.  

Your gateway to the Dutch water sector is an initiative of the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) supported by the Dutch programme Partners for Water. NWP is a non-commercial partnership and a comprehensive network that unites Dutch water expertise, consisting of members from private companies, government, knowledge institutes and NGOs, acting as a centre of information on water expertise, policy developments and market opportunities.

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