Scaling up Building with Nature

27 June 2018

Conference on the latest inisghts around Building with nature and necessary steps to apply this way of civil engineering at more places around the world.

Date: 27 June
Location: Utrecht
Organiser: EcoShape

International conference to explore the latest insights around Building with Nature and explore necessary steps to apply the approach at more places in the world.

Building with Nature (BwN) is an innovative way of hydraulic engineering that begins with the natural system and uses ecosystem services to meet society's need for infrastructure and encourages the development of nature at the same time.

Examples of services provided by nature are the transport of sediment by water, or the attenuation of waves by mangrove forests, preventing the erosion of the coastline.

On the programme of the conference are keynote speakers who will share their views from different perspectives on what it takes to upscale Building with Nature.

Also on the programme are several presentions on experiences with the approach.

About EcoShape
Ecoshape is a foundation that carries out the public-private Building with Nature innovation programme.

Within Ecoshape contractors, engineering companies, research institutions, governments and NGOs work together to develop and spread knowledge about Building with Nature.

We warmly welcome everyone working in the field of Nature Based Solutions for water related infrastructure. The conference will also be broadcast live via EcoShape website.

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