Holland Water to deliver Bifipro legionella prevention installation to hotel in Tehran, Iran

Posted on 5 February 2016

dws-holland-water-bifipro-signing-tehran-770pxHolland Water is to deliver its first Bifipro legionella prevention installation in Iran to the Tay Mahal hotel in Tehran.

The Bifipro legionella prevention technology is developed by Holland Water and doses copper and silver ions that kill the biofilm in hot water pipes and taps.

The deadly Legionella pneumophila bacteria is known to replicate quickly in the biofilm in hot water systems.

The Dutch company announced its first sale in Iran during a signing ceremony in Tehran on 1 February. The contract was signed by (left to right on top photo) general director Hooman Seraji at Padyab Tadhjiz, director/owner Leo de Zeeuw at Holland Water and director/owner Jawad Asli at Taj Mahal Hotel.

dws-holland-water-bifipro-installation-350pxLifting of international sanctions
Holland Water has already installed over 300 Bifipro systems to combat biofilm and Legionella contaminations. These installations are mainly operated by hospitals, hotels, care homes in the Netherlands, but also some in Italy and Dubai.

For Holland Water to commence a business relationship in Iran is quite remarkable. In the middle of 2015 it made its first entry into Iran. The very recent decision to end the international sanctions against Iran that lasted the past 10 years, creates new opportunities for Western companies to enter the Iranian market.

This resulted in the agreement with Padyab Tadjhiz that has its headquarter in Tehran and is active in 33 provinces of Iran. The company operates in mining-, oil- and gas industries, as well as environment and water.

Holland Water's system to combat legionella fits in nicely into the portfolio of Padyab.

Less energy consumption
The proprietary in-house developed Bifipro system from Holland Water is unique and adds very accurately minute quantities of copper and silver ions to the water.

In the Netherlands the system is allowed in so-called ‘priority institutions’ and only then when a structural Legionella problem has been identified

In Italy, Belgium and the Middle East systems can be installed preventative. Since it is allowed to reduce hot water temperatures and the flushing regime, the Bifipro system receives a lot of attention in those countries and region.

To combat legionella it is advised to flush the hot water pipes and tapes with water at 60 degree Celsius every week for 20 minutes. This is very energy-demanding, for which Bifipro provides a good alternative.

This news item was originally published on the website of Holland Water.

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