The economy of Indonesia is growing rapidly and has the fourth largest population in the world. The country has to protect itself from a rising sealevel while simultaneously it has to meet the demand for safe drinking water and to find solutions for the purification of waste water. In addition, there is also a need for access to adequate water for agriculture, marine infrastructure and industry.

The Netherlands and Indonesia have a long-standing relationship in the field of water, covering a broad range of aspects. This partnership goes way back and has proved to be very fruitful. Dutch companies have operated in Indonesia for many decades and have a strong presence in the country through local companies, representative offices and partnerships with Indonesian companies. In April 2015, Indonesia and the Netherlands signed a renewed Memorandum of Understanding, in which they agreed to continue and step up their already intensive cooperation in the field of water management.

In the years to come, this cooperation will focus on themes that are of importance to Indonesia’s society and its sustainable economic development: water safety, integrated water resource management, water supply and sanitation, water for food and ecosystems, climate change governance and capacity building.

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