The "Mekong Delta" in Vietnam is a complex region when it comes to water management. Typhoons and intense rainfall often occur in the country, but there are also periods of drought. The country struggles with the consequences of measurements taken in the higher part of the Mekong water-basin. In addition, sanitation and clean drinking water are issues. The Mekong Delta is an important region to Vietnam because of its food supply (rice and fish farming). Also the socio-economic development of the Mekong region is essential to the country. Population growth, urbanisation and climate change will affect Vietnamese water management issues. Therefore, the Vietnamese government focuses on solving these water issues.  

Vietnam and the Netherlands have a long-term collaboration on water management. The countries signed a Strategic Partnership Arrangement (SPA), which contained the development of the Mekong Delta Plan. Both countries also work together in the "Ho Chi Minh City moving towards the sea with climate change adaption" programme. This programme is a follow-up of the collaboration between the city of Rotterdam and Ho Chi Minh City.