Mozambique is referred to as a "delta" due to the many large, international rivers criss-crossing the country. The economy grows with 6 to 8% each year and the country is developing staedily. The second largest city of Mozambique is Beira. This city is very low lying. Beira is an important port city, providing cargo transport links for the central part of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and other parts of Southern Africa. The main challenge is the continuing establishment of the population in low-lying areas, unsuited for human habitation.

With many international rivers criss-crossing the country, Mozambique is comparable to the Netherlands. The relationship between both countries is established decades ago. In the water sector the collaboration focuses on developing an integrated water management approach in Mozambique. It's demand for water technology is related to the production chains, industries etc. Many Dutch-based firms in the water sector have activities in Mozambique. Since 2013 a consortium of Dutch experts work on an integrated approach for the challenges the city of Beira is facing.