Saudi Arabia

Water in Saudi Arabia is scarce due to the climate. However, the amount of water used per inhabitant is the highest in the world. Therefore the country has a structural lack of drinking water and the drinking water system is mainly depending on water desalination. The country has desalination systems for water, but there are not sufficient systems to meet the increasing demand for water. In addition, the treatment of waste water is also a water issue for Saudi Arabia. The country is also expanding its harbour and developing its coast to a meet the tourists demand.

Over the years Saudi Arabia organised several events on water management, which were also attended by representatives of the Dutch water sector. In 2011 deputy Minister of Water and Electricity asked the Water Arabian Dutch Initiative (WADI)-consortium, with the support of the 2g@there programme of the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs, agriculture and Innovation, to advice on flood defence and the waste water for the city of Hafar Al-Batin.