At the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 heavy floods occured in the state of Queensland and later on also in the southern states Victoria and New South Wales. The damage was estimated on 4.3 million euros (end of January 2011). These floods were the worst in Australia since 1974. Over the years floods have occoured more often in Australia. For many years Australias water management was primarily focused on drougth. Reducing flood risks was not an issue. Therefore, the floods occuring in 2010 and 2011 had huge impact.

Nowadays, Australia and the Netherlands collaborate in several ways on water management issues. Australian experts have visited the Netherlands to see the Dutch water infrastructure and to learn more on innovative Dutch approaches such as Room for the River and the Delta approach. During a visit of a Dutch delegation in September 2011 the regional authorithy of Qeensland called for colloboration with Dutch water experts. As a result, several companies are now working thogether in the PIB-consortium, which focuses on the region of Queensland.

In 2016 Dutch King Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima visited Australia during an official state visit. Concurrent to this state visit a delegation of the Dutch water sector visited Australia. Read more about the collaboration of the Australian and Dutch water sector in the brochure Australia & the Netherlands - Partnership for a Climate Resilient Future