At first glance you would not say that the Netherlands and Colombia have much in common. Colombia lies on average 1000 meters above sea level, has a tropical climate and a population of 48 million on an area of 1,141,748 km². In contrast, one-third of the Netherlands is situated below sea level with its lowest point at -6.76 meters and is densely populated with 16.5 million inhabitants in an area of 41,528 km². Yet there are many similarities, especially in the field of water. Both countries depend on their ports and agricultural activities for their economic development, have an extensive river network and border largely to the sea. Climate change, including sea level rise, increased discharge of (rain)water, but also periods of drought and water quality are major challenges. This is a strong basis for cooperation.

Working together
Since the severe flooding in 2011, Colombia and the Netherlands started to work together more intensively. By exchanging knowledge and expertise both countries can improve each other’s performances. Colombia and the Netherlands are both looking for ways to make their future more sustainable: developing resilient cities, making their ports sustainable, improving inland water transport, prevent the country against flooding and using the available water more efficiently. The Netherlands offers its experience on integrated water management. Always looking at the challenges in a broader perspective than water alone and with nature as our guide.

Read all about the Colombian-the Netherlands cooperation in the magazine "Colombia-the Netherlands; Working together for a resilient future" or watch the video.
The magazine and video are also available in Spanish: "Colombia-Paises Bajos; Trabajando juntos para un futuro resiliente" / video (Spanish version).