Integrated Coastal Zone Management

The flat coast of Suriname

Posted on 2 October 2011


The flat coast of Suriname is a succession of mud banks, mangrove swamps and narrow beaches that stretches from the Corantijn River in the West to the Marowijne River in the east. Large sections are still pristine, but the coast is under attack. Human activities are increasing the risk of coastal erosion, especially in the densely populated districts of Paramaribo and Wanica. Mangrove swamps are a natural form of coastal defence but urban development is nibbling away at this buffer. The projects is initiated by the Ministery of Planning and Development Cooperation Suriname and carried out with the leading partner Lievense Consulting Engineers.


The ICZM plan formulated a vision for sustainable use of water, soil and resources of the coastal zone and to protect natural exosystems alongside much needed socioeconomic development. The Plan includes recommendations for legislation and regulation and adaptation of the management organization. Also preparations have been made for a central coastal database and GIS.


  • Drafted awareness plan
  • Coastal zone management plan for entire coastal area
  • Recommendations on coastal morphodynamics


The ICZM pilot focused its attention to the districts of Paramaribo and Wanica. That is where the problems are most pressing, particularly in relation to population. Two-thirds of the country's population live in those areas and coastal development is sometimes too close to the sea. Where mangrove forests have been cleared, the risk of coastal erosion increases.

Technologies used

desk studies, site visits, stakeholder analysis, stakeholder workshops

Project location

Project partners

  • Deltares