Wastewater treatment

Decentralized wastewater treatment of 75 housholds and restaurant

Posted on 1 June 2011

Wastewater treatment

The recreationpark "Speelmansplaten" on the Oesterdam nearby Tholen has no direct connection with sewage pipeline to the mainland. Caused by this fact it was necessary to build a standalone wastewater treatment installation. A pipeline of total 1,5 km are transporting the wastewater of over 75 recreational households and one restaurant towards a decentralized wastewater treatment installation. It is a sustainable sollution in relation to a longdistance pressure pipeline.


Aquadenka used a decentralized patented (1019162) wastewater treatment systems which are develop and produced by Afmitech Friesland.The wastewater treatment systems can be used in a wide range of situations including private, agricultural, recreational and industrial applications such as at restaurants, dairy-farms up to (pre-)treatment for industries. This wastewater treatment system can be used in situations varying from 50 m3/day up to 2000 m3/day. For purifying the wastewater the wastewater treatment system makes use of the activated sludge process which is used worldwide. In this process the pollution is degraded biologically by micro organisms floating in the water. These micro organisms form a floc which is the so-called activated sludge. Because this activated sludge is heavier than the water in the tank it will sink down in the settling compartment from where it can be separated from the water flow.
The installation is made vertically with a surface aerator which creates a vertical circulation by intermittent aeration. This vertical circulation makes a good denitrification possible, while the nitrification is still in process. The system itself signalizes the amount of wastewater coming in and automatically adjusts the oxygen input while the purification process continues; this means that the AquaDenka IBS has a continuous purification process with a discontinuous control. In this way, the wastewater treatment system can perform properly with changing seasonable loads such as in the recreational sector.

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