A safe water supply for Modbare

22 rainwater harvesting tanks for a safe water supply

Posted on 14 October 2011

A safe water supply for Modbare

This project proposal involves the construction of 22 rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems for the village of Modbaré. Currently people depend on open ponds and hand dug wells which will provide water during a short period after the rainy season. These sources tend to dry up very quickly and people have to walk even further to fetch water from unsafe sources. This project will provide safe water "at the doorstep" by implementing 22 rainwater harvesting tanks at a household level. The project is implemented by The Rain Foundation and ARFA.


Create a water supply at a household level (10 m3 per household) to at least overcome the dry period, for drinking and other small domestic uses. Setup training and awareness sessions on operation, maintenance and management of rainwater harvesting systems to ensure a sustainable water supply. Create training and awareness on water quality issues related to the rainwater harvesting systems.


  • 22 household RWH systems to provide people with safe water
  • 22 people trained on operation, maintenance and management
  • Awareness raised on water quality at 22 households


Modbaré is located in the east of Burkina Faso and is a hilly and dry area. People live here from small scale agriculture and cattle breeding. Water is drawn from open ponds and handdug wells which are formed during the rainy season. These sources are not protected and cause various health problems, let alone put a extreme time burden on women and girls. These sources tend to dry up quickly after the rainy season, leaving no other options but to walk to more distant ponds or dig deeper.

22 water systems
417 people affected
15 years duration

Technologies used

The construction of rainwater harvesting tanks

Project location

Project partners

  • RAIN