Safe water supply for Nghadior, Senegal

34 rianwater harvesting tanks

Posted on 14 October 2011

Safe water supply for Nghadior, Senegal

This project proposal involves the construction of 34 rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems for the village of Nghadior. Nghadior is located on an island, which only knows brackish water and water with high fluor content, which leads to various health problems. The beneficiaries will be organised in a water management committee, who is responsible for the management, O&M of the project. This RWH project is included in the hydraulic programme of CARITAS KAOLACK as part of a monitoring programme.


- water supply at a household level (10 m3 per household) to at least overcome the dry period, for drinking and other small domestic uses
- training and awareness sessions on operation, maintenance and management of rwh systems to ensure sustainable water supply
- training and awareness on water quality issues related to the rwh systems


  • 34 household RWH systems to provide people with safe water
  • 34 people trained on operation, maintenance and management
  • Awareness raised on water quality at 34 households


The approach within this project is that the responsibility of the project lies with the beneficiaries. In all the project phases, the beneficiaries are leading in taking initiatives, formulating their ideas and making suggestions.The project staff of CARITAS KAOLACK will give advice, adjust and train the beneficiaries to create awareness to manage the project after construction is finalised. A committee will be created to arrange meetings with all beneficiaries and facilitate communication with the project staff. Women have a leading role in this committee, since they are the ones who are responsible for fetching and managing water.

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