Bring on the Rain

Safe water through rainwater harvesting for 68 households in Alamdevi

Posted on 14 October 2011

Bring on the Rain

The project consists of the implementation of 68 rainwater harvesting tanks. The water from the systems will be used for drinking, small domestic use and for biogas production. People living in this area currently have to walk 2 -3 hours to fetch water at a spring. This spring only provides water from June - October (during the rainy season). After the project is completed, water will be available at their doorstep instead of many walking hours downhill.


- water supply at a household level (10 m3 per household) to at least overcome the dry period, for drinking, small domestic uses and biogas production
- training and awareness sessions on operation, maintenance and management of rwh systems to ensure sustainable water supply
- training and awareness on water quality issues related to the rwh systems
- awareness on hygiene issues related to water


  • 68 household rwh systems to provide people with water
  • 68 people trained on operation, maintenance and management
  • Awareness raised on water quality and hygiene


The project in the village of Alamdevi is located in the western part of Shayangja district. In the district 2 other projects funded by RAIN Foundation are already under construction. People from the village of Alamdevi received news from these projects and got interested to have rainwater harvesting tanks, since their situation is comparable. Currently people, most women and girls, are spending 2-3 hours daily to collect the drinking water from a spring located in downhill of the village. They have to cue and wait their turn to fetch the water. This is not only a time consuming activity, but is also a heavy physical burden, since women carry the weight of the water cans on their head, while walking up steep slopes. In the rainy season, the paths can get very slippery, leading to injuries. Mostly, on women from a household is responsible for fetching water for the whole family, and sometimes their cattle, meaning she will be busy fetching water for the whole day.

Technologies used

The construction of rainwater harvesting tanks.

Project location

Project partners

  • RAIN