Feasibility Study Drinking Water India

Micro Water Company Nizamabad

Posted on 1 August 2011

Feasibility Study Drinking Water India

Feasibility Study and establishment of first Micro Water Company (MWC) of MPI Clean Water in India, as a showcase for set up of a cluster operation in Hyderabad. Bottled clean and safe drinking water for a attractive marketprice (-30%). Production of almost 100,000 litrs of drinking water per 24 hours. MWC with high capacity, providing city, depots in small cities and water shops in villages. Some 50,000 people in an area of some 800,000 citizens are serviced on a daily basis. The project is in collaboration with Indian Investment Partners.


MPI Clean Water's goal is to provide 1 billion people with clean and safe drinking water. The Feasibility Study (FS) and pilot implementation should point out the opportunity for drinking water based on the business concept of MPI Clean Water. After the FS a businessplan, business case and roadmap are ready. This is the basis for the implementation of the MWC. Our goal is to implement at least 10 Water Companies in the area of Hyderabad. Employment for 300 people in 3 years.


  • Provide > 50.000 people drinking water in Nizamabad
  • Create 50 jobs
  • Improve local economy with € and water
  • Trained employees by MPI Academy
  • Make Nizamabad aware of hygiene by using safe water


Introducing clean and safe drinking water for an attractive price, so more people can afford it. Creating jobs for people. All citizens are aware of the necessity of clean and safe drinking water and have the means to improve their hygiene and health. Schoolchildren are a special targetgroup to organize the awareness of hygiene.

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