Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change

Through Innovative Urban Water Management in Cuba

Posted on 1 February 2011

Adaptation and Mitigation  to Climate Change

Because of its geographical location, Cuba is particularly vulnerable to climate change effects, where water scarcity is one of the consequences of major concern. The objective of this project is to contribute to alleviate water scarcity issues in Cuba through 2 research activities and 1 capacity building component which involve the introduction of innovative practices on urban water management. This project is in collaboration with Institute Superior Politécnico "José A. Echeverria" (CUJAE), Cuban National Institute for Water Resources (INRH) and Cuban Food Industry Research Institute (IIIA).


The activities aim to contribute to increase water availability in Cuba by (i) decreasing the demand of potable and drinking water and (ii) encouraging wastewater reclamation and reuse.


  • Use of saline water as secondary quality water
  • Reclamation and reuse oriented wastewater management in Cuba
  • Capacity building through education and training

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