NICHE Bangladesh IWRM

Capacity Development of Higher Education of IWRM at CUET

Posted on 1 September 2011

NICHE Bangladesh IWRM

The project aims at enhancing the organizational capacity development at CUET by reinforcement of its study, training, research and service/consultancy offer. It will enhance the existing knowledge base within the sector, with emphasis on gender equity, by developing the concepts of integrated water resource management and by disseminating knowledge, technology and expertise from innovators to practitioners, from classroom educator to field user both within Bangladesh and from abroad.


The beneficiary institute Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) has the vision to produce graduates with trained and educated minds and to establish a premier research institute in the field of water. Accordingly, the overall objective of this project is to enhance the organisational capacity, educational and research quality of CUET. The project is in collaboration with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).


  • WP1 Deals with the academic curricula for the masters
  • WP2 Members for PhD and staff members
  • WP3 Covers the aspects of the capacity development of CUET
  • WP4 The NICHE programme priorities such as gender mainstream

Project location

Project partners

  • Wageningen University and Research Center