Villagepump in Mali

Implementation of the Villagepump in rural areas in Mali

Posted on 1 May 2011

Villagepump in Mali

The project concerns the implementation of the Villagepump700 in five different rural areas in Mali. The project is aimed at the 'ULSPP', a cooperate of 8.000 farmers, a.o. planting Jatropha, to produce bio-diesel oil. The facilitating Foundation 'Mali Biocarburant' aims to improve the quality of living of these farmers. Sixty percent of these farmers do have surface water available, but not the means to purify this water, leading to diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera and hepatitis.


The goal of the pilot project is to establish a successful cooperation between (Dutch) companies, producing, selling and distributing innovative compact and mobile water treatment systems wherever fresh surface water is available in rural areas all over the world.


  • Establishing lasting cooperation produce/sell Villagepump
  • Implementing a distribution network for the Villagepump
  • Building reference as solution toremove waterborne pathogens
  • Produce a model for a local maintenance organization
  • Test different business models exploiting the Villagepump

Technologies used

Leading solution for rural areas without requiring external power source
The VILLAGEPUMP 700 yields at least 700 litres of fully purified, cool drinking water an hour or over 5.5 m3 per day, all of the qualities that meets WHO standards. Each Villagepump employs multi-stage filtering that reduce diseases by removing waterborne pathogens that can cause diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera and hepatitis. The units can operate from all forms of surface water, including ponds, lakes and streams.

The VILLAGEPUMP 700 is ideal as a compact mobile water treatment system wherever fresh surface water is available or with water storage systems (e.g. rainwater harvesting). Pure water can be directly dispensed without the need to any intermediate storage facility.

Durable & Dependable
Built using proven technology and without any vulnerable electronics, the pump is fully mechanical and hand-powered. The use of robust materials gives an expected life span of at least 10 years with normal use. As the mechanical components are assembled in a modular manner, the VILLAGEPUMP 700 is very easy to maintain and exceptionally user-friendly. Above all, the use of modular components facilitates easy assembly and production can be locally subcontracted. Component parts are easily disassembled and made of recyclable materials.

Smart filtering
Filtering is performed in two stages: 1) pre-filtering: binds any heavy metals and restores the water’s flavour, colour and smell. 2) Ultra filtering: this technology is based on membrane techniques removing bacteria, viruses, protozoa and cysts, while still allowing vital minerals to pass through. The membrane filter employs a self-cleansing ‘smart valves’ (backwash). A patent is pending.

Project location

Project partners

  • Kiwa Nederland B.V.
  • Partners voor Water
  • Rumptstad Water Technology B.V.
  • Villagepump B.V.