Legionella-free water system

Fire Station

Posted on 29 March 2012

Fire Station

The new building for the Fire Brigade in Wyk by Duurstede has been constructed in 2009. The local government, acting as launching customer, commissioned LegioFreeWater Systems for the design and installation of the new water system, including showers for men and for women, although there are no female members in the brigade. The Building Management Systems of both Johnson Controls and Priva were used, to make comparison possible.


Goal of the LegioFreeWater system at the fire station was to provide for a safe water system with little water and energy use and virtually no (expensive and vulnerable) labour.


  • Design of complete serial water system
  • New installation with 2 Building Management Systems
  • Thermal ribbon applied


Because of the LegioFreeWater system installed the water system of the fire station has been completely safe, even where the women showers are never used.
Manual operation time is practically zero.

Technologies used

Only proven technology is used, the combination however is completely new and innovative.

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