Legionella-free drinking water system

Apartment Building

Posted on 29 March 2012

Apartment Building

Markt 15 is a monumental building in the town of Wyk by Duurstede that has been erected in the 15th century. In 2005/2006 the building has been completely refurbished into 4 apartments, including a store at ground level. The entire water system is designed and installed in a serial way. Flushing the toilet at the far end of the system ensures that the whole system is flushed.


Goal of the LegioFreeWater system at Markt 15 was to provide for a safe tapwater system because in case of longer absences during vacation the owner wanted to exclude Legionella risk.


  • Design of complete serial tapwater system
  • New installation refurbished monumental apartment building


Because of the LegioFreeWater system installed the tapwater system of Markt 15 has been completely safe.
The risk of finding a Legionella contamination when returning home after a long vacation is completely banned, only because the house keeper flushes the toilets once in a while.

Technologies used

Only proven technology is used, the combination however is completely new and innovative.

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