Development Strategy River Warta, Poznan

Development Strategy River Warta, Poznan

Posted on 1 January 2012

Development Strategy River Warta, Poznan

In recent years the Warta has caused floods in Poznan, with major material and financial damage as a result. Also, the civil engineering approach to the river in the past has led to the city now back-facing the river. The ‘Development Strategy River Warta Poznań’ project draws up a strategy that allows water safety measures to be incorporated in Poznań’s broadly based social development while at the same time enabling spatial developments to be adapted to essential water management measures.


The goal of the Development Strategy is to prevent future floodings of the river Warta in Poznan, and to transform the river zone into an attractive area for Poznan and its citizens and visitors.


  • Inventory and analysis on river zone, city and related issue
  • Creation of three alternatives for spatial (and river) devel
  • Hydraulic and economic quick scan of alternatives
  • Detailng three pilot projects within preferred alternative


The Development Strategy for River Warta will result in a decrease of floodings in the City of Poznan. Material, human, ecological and economical damage is herewith prevented.
Also the Strategy will lead to transformation of the river zone within the City from an unatractive isolated area, towards an appealing vibrant urban part of Poznan.

Technologies used

A methodology is demonstrated which is based on the combination of making more space for water, combined with interventions to improve spatial quality of the river surroundings. With this combination goals and ambitions on water safety as well as on spatial planning and environmental quality are integrated and strengthen each other.

Project location

Project partners

  • KuiperCompagnons
  • Partners voor Water
  • Royal HaskoningDHV