Black Sea integrated satellite and in situ water quality monitoring

Posted on 1 January 2012


The Danube Delta nature reserve and the popular swimming and bathing areas at the Black Sea coast: for both areas monitoring of water quality is crucial but difficult in this large, remote area. In BASISIMS we are setting up an integrated water quality monitoring system, which makes in situ and satellite retrieved data easy accessible for the users.


The integrated water quality system that will be set up by Water Insight and project partner Nelen & Schuurmans combines two sub-systems. Nelen & Schuurmans will set up their Lizard data visualisation system according to the user requirements. Water Insight will create an autonomous system to process MODIS satellite images into maps of water quality parameters, such as chlorophyll, suspended particulate matter and transparency. Within BASISIMS these two systems will be integrated into one user-f


- Sharing of the data in one system will simplify data exchange between the partners, which allows analysis of relations from the Danube to the Black Sea.
- Combing in situ and satellite obtained data allows validation of the satellite data with the in situ data, while much larger areas can be covered than with only in situ data.
- Saving all water quality data into one system allows easy reporting for the EU Water Framework Directive.
- Using satellite data simplifies the distinction of areas, which will help in defining the ecosystems for the EU Marine Strategy Framework.

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