Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project

Posted on 5 August 2013


Romania became a member of the European Union in January 2007. As a consequence, the Romanian Ministry of the Environment set up the Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project.

The aim of this project is to help the Romanian government to satisfy the European Directives concerning nutrient run-off by:

  • Decreasing water pollution by nutrients.
  • Creating awareness in the Romanian population on the importance of this topic.
  • Increasing knowledge of this subject among the agencies concerned.

Nutrients come from various sources. They can come into being naturally as a result of the erosion of stone and soil in a catchment area. However,  society is also responsible, and to a large extent. More and more people live close to rivers, causing increasing amounts of nutrients to end up in the water. For example from water purification installations, run-off from land during rainfall in urban areas and from agriculture. With pollution by nutrients, large quantities of these, mainly hydrogen and phosphor, endup in the water. Ultimately this can lead to serious problems, such as an insufficient level of oxygen in the water.


The Romanian distributor of Eijkelkamp IFA Grup, the company Novaintermed from Bucharest, and Eijkelkamp have combined their store of knowledge and experience. As a result, they have been able to make a significant contribution to the achievement of the set targets of the project. Because of this cooperation they were able to provide high quality products in combination with giving advice and training on location.

integrated-nutrient-pollution-control-project-eijkelkamp-2Eijkelkamp supplied 54 units of MP1 groundwater sampling pumps for the project. They were specially designed for pumping through and sampling monitoring wells with a diameter from 50 mm. In addition, the same number of foot valve pumps went to Romania. These can be used to take samples on open water, in water basins and monitoring wells. The samples can then be used for chemical, biological and/or bacteriological investigations.

The pumps were delivered to 11 water authorities, spread all over Romania. After thorough training, carried out by Eijkelkamp’s Romanian distributor, the equipment was taken into service.

Project location

Project partners

  • Stichting Both ENDS