Posted on 5 August 2013


The Ebro is the longest river located entirely within the Spanish borders. It is 925 km in length and runs through various areas including La Ribera de Ebro, a region of Catalonia in the province of Tarragona.

Meander and the conservation area near Sebes, have been an official nature reserve since 1995. The 204-hectare conservation area near Sebes consists largely of wetlands and floodplain forest. In recent years, the area has seen a strikingly high death rate amongst certain floodplain forest plants. A reduction in the fluctuation of the water levels is thought to be the major cause of this loss of plant life. flix-project-eijkelkamp-2Continual flooding means that no oxygen reaches the roots and, consequently, the plants ‘drown’. The flooding also raises the roundwater level so that the soil is insufficiently washed and becomes increasingly saline.


In 2007, a study was set up because of the extent of the changes and the speed with which they are taking place. The objective of this study was to discover how the process can be reversed and the best ways to maintain the area.


What equipment did Eijkelkamp supply?
Two catchment basins of the Ebro: the Flix Use is being made of CTD-Divers during this study. These data-loggers are being used to obtain insight into the relationship between the salt concentration and the level of the water. A suitable floodplain forest management plan will ultimately be drawn up on the basis of the outcomes.

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