Simple and cost-effective monitoring of water quality in Vietnam

A demonstration project

Posted on 10 January 2014


Qualitatively good fresh water is a basic need for people and animals and is essential for agriculture and industry. Monitoring of water quality is a fundamental condition for expedient management of fresh water resources.
Since 1999, the Southern Institute of Water Resources Planning (SIWRP) implements a programme for monitoring water quality in the Mekong Delta, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The monitoring network contains 12 measurement stations, where water quality is measured once per month.
The SIWRP states that the current monitoring network for water quality gives insufficient insight. Especially the frequency and density of the measurements are too low. Besides this, problem areas become not clear enough and awareness of environmental threats are too little to the local population.

This demonstration project presents a plan for expansion the current measurement network with iQwtr devices for simple and cost-effective monitoring of water quality.  For one of the pilot areas of the Holland Delta consortium, the value of the new measurement method will be assessed. A water quality model is used for interpret the results.

This is a project of the Holland Delta initiative. As so, all results become integral available in the Mekong Delta portal, which is designed by the Holland Delta initiative.

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The main objective is to demonstrate the use of simple and cost-effective water quality monitoring techniques (the iQwtr) in a pilot area in the Mekong Delta.

In order to achieve this objective, the measurement devices are demonstrated in a pilot area for about a year. The described pilot project is necessary to proof that the devices works and to determine it’s added value to management of fresh water resources in Vietnam.

The water quality in the pilot area in the Mekong Delta is analyzed, resulting in an advice for improvement of water quality in the pilot area.


The Dutch consortium delivers approximately 50 iQwtr devices for usage in the pilot area in the Mekong Delta. The SIWRP and/or involved operators are trained in using the equipment (see description below) and are briefed about the measurement campaign.

The acquired data is bundled, validated and presented in a specially equipped information portal (which is part of the existing Mekong Delta Portal).

A water quality model is made, that used to the measurement data is model input. The model results are also joined in the information portal.

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Project partners

  • Deltares
  • Nelen & Schuurmans B.V.
  • Water Insight B.V.