Blue Gold Program

Posted on 6 March 2014


The Blue Gold Program builds on the results obtained and lessons learned from previous programs and projects, especially the Integrated Planning for Sustainable Water Management (IPSWAM) program.
Objective of the Blue Gold program is to reduce poverty of 150,000 households in 160,000 hectares of coastal polder areas, by enhanced productivity of crops, fisheries and livestock and enhancing incomes by processing and improved marketing of agricultural products. 


Specific impacts the Blue Gold Program aims to achieve are:

  • Protection of communities and their land against floods from river and sea (climate change adaptation)
  • Optimized use of water resources for productive sectors in the polder areas
  • The organisation of communities in cooperatives which will have to become the driving force for sustainable natural resources based development 
  • Increased household income derived from the productive sectors
  • A strengthened institutional framework to support product and value chain development

Project location

Project partners

  • Mott MacDonald