Curacao Ocean Ecopark

Clustering sustainable technologies around the use of the deep seawater

Posted on 31 March 2014


Bluerise is currently in the process of developing Curaçao Ocean Ecopark at the premises of Curaçao Airport. The project consists of a seawater cooling system to provide the buildings in the Airport City with cheap and curacao-airport-locatie-voor-ocean-ecopark-websustainable air conditioning, an OTEC power plant for electricity supply and a 20 hectare Ocean Ecopark, clustering emerging sustainable technologies around the use of the deep seawater.


The main goal is to provide added value and benefit for the community in Curaçao helping them in achieving a sustainable future through sustainable energy, water and food production. The Ocean Ecopark will be a source of high tier jobs, a link to international knowledge exchange, and will positively influence the economy.

Seawater air-conditioning (SWAC), Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), agriculture, aquaculture and other deep seawater technologies

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  • Bluerise