Flood Early Warning System for the Caparo River

Posted on 14 April 2014


A Flood Early Warning System was commissioned by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. This system was especially designed for the Caparo River and uses two available models (Wageningen Model and Sobek1D2D) and the Delft-FEWS software. A set of solutions was proposed which proved to realise the largest reduction of flooded areas in the river basin.

The system signals upcoming floods at an early stage, so the right precautions can be taken to prevent the floods. The forecasting system allows the automated import of satellite and ground station data and combines this with the historical state of the river basin using the two models.

In this way a forecasted state can be simulated, including discharges, water levels and flood maps. Additionally, a threshold module enables the user to easily identify the focus areas in the basin. The system has created the possibility for the client to respond quicker to extreme discharges in the catchment and alert the local communities for any upcoming flood events.


Development of a flood early warning system (FEWS) that uses the available models and their telemetry system and provides an early warning in case flooding is likely to occur in the Caparo River basin.


  1. Configuration of flood early warning system
  2. Installation at three government agencies
  3. Hands-on user training

Technologies used

Delft-FEWS, SOBEK, Wageningen Model

Project location

Project partners

  • Royal HaskoningDHV