Water Operators Partnership

Posted on 25 April 2014


In fast growing mega-city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) is preparing itself for future challenges, such as investment in new infrastructure, introduction of new technologies and improved customer relationship.

To ensure these improvements are implemented in the best way, DWASA and Vitens Evides International started the Water Operators Partnership project (WOP) in which Vitens Evides International from the Netherlands delivers technical assistance to DWASA.

The two partners decided to focus on capacity development related to operational improvement and efficiency, such as:

  • Deep Tube Wells: Increase performance by regeneration and construct new ones based on improved designs
  • Non-Revenue Water Reduction: introduce a NRW strategy and improve the management of distribution networks by introducing District Metered Areas (DMAs)
  • WASH services to LIC areas: Provide safe drinking water and sanitation to inhabitants of Low Income Areas / slums in Dhaka
  • Other items: introduction of SCADA, GIS, pump efficiency, chlorination, institutionalization of the improvements, spin-off and support to the IFC Pact project.



The objectives of the Water Operators Partnership (WOP) are 1) to enhance the operational performance and the management of capacities of DWASA, and 2) to support DWASA in providing WASH services to the urban poor.

Project plan
Duration of the contract: September 2012 - September 2016

Spin off
The WOP activities are initially concentrated in zone 5 of DWASA, serving approximately 1,2 million inhabitants. Replication and up-scaling of best practices, proven approaches and technologies are foreseen in all 11 zones of DWASA in Dhaka. 

More information
The website of Vitens Evides or the Facebook page 
Video about the introduction of SCADA 
Vimeo about the WASH services in LIC areas 
For more youtube videos see DWASA VEI

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Technical Assistance

Project location

Project partners

  • VEI B.V.