Implementation FLIWAS in Romania

Flood Information and Warning System in the Banat, Romania

Posted on 29 April 2014


Information transfer is identified as a key factor in modern and dynamic water management. The human factor in operational disaster management constitutes a significant risk regarding effective information transfer. It is acknowledged that the use of automated tools for operational disaster management such as forecasting and warning, but also for measurement monitoring, communication and post event evaluation reduces this risk. By using computers for what they are good at (storing information, handling predefined procedures), humans can focus on what they are better at: dealing with unexpected developments and making decisions based on incomparable criteria and data. Therefore, automation of information management can lead to a significant increase of safety and reduction of damage and personal risks caused by flooding.



Within the NOAH project, partners from the Netherlands and Romania joined forces to implement the automated tool FLIWAS (Flood Information and Warning System) at Directia Apelor Banat in Timisoara. Not only does FLIWAs provide the right information, to the right person at the right moment, it also provides awareness about flood (threats) to all relevant stakeholders. The project closed with a training session, simulating a flood event in FLIWAS, with Romanian stakeholders such as majors, Waterboards, County representatives and the National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management actively using the system.

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