Aqua Dock

Test facility for floating structures, Rotterdam

Posted on 13 May 2014


Located on the RDM Campus, Aqua Dock officially launched its experimental platform for testing, demonstrating and designing innovative floating structures in the Rhine harbour of Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2014.

The dock is situated on the RDM Campus where knowledge institutes and companies already work together on sustainable innovations in the fields of building, mobility, energy, maintenance, design and architecture.

Aqua Dock is a co-production of Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam University and Clean Tech Delta.


Showing off and developing new techniques, products and prototypes.

Small-scale construction of floating models and novel forms of energy production from or near water. 

Businesses, research and educational institutions and the municipality of Rotterdam work together to capitalize on water opportunities.



The first tree buoy will be tested during a period of six months in the new Aqua Dock.

This art project is based on the ideas of Dutch artist/designer Jorge Bakker, which will eventually consist of 20 floating trees that will make Rotterdam greener and more exciting.

Other pioneers that showed interest in the Aqua Dock test facility include developers of a floating road, a floating wave breaker, a floating bumper against impacts of vessels, a floating green house and a floating hotel.

Project location