A Healthy Future for Delhi’s Dwellers

An integrated approach for water quality and business development

Posted on 24 July 2014


Almost 90% of the Indian population does have access to drinking water from improved sources, while almost 70% of the households do not treat their drinking water before it is being used by the household members. Because of this a disease like diarrhoea does consequently have enormous impact, causing many deaths per year.

In February 2013 Plan Nederland and Basic Water Needs (BWN), started a pilot project in three resettlement colonies in Delhi to improve the drinking water quality. During the pilot BWN trains (female) entrepreneurs and enables them to sell affordable water filters. Plan India will enhance these activities by creating awareness in the three neighbourhoods on drinking water quality and hygiene. The sales of affordable and appropriate water filters by local self-help groups and entrepreneurs will have a positive effect on the health of about 6.000 households. 


  • The overall objective of the proposed project is to improve the water quality for the residents in three resettlement colonies on the outskirts of Delhi.
  • Specifically, the pilot project aims to develop a scalable business model in which distribution points provide water filtering and conserving technologies to residents at an affordable and competitive price. 

Project location

Project partners

  • Basic Water Needs
  • Partners voor Water
  • Plan Nederland