Dutch consortium to develop long-term WASH-master plan in Ghana

Posted on 24 July 2014


The consortium consisting of three Dutch partners, Witteveen+Bos (lead), Berenschot and Simavi will provide Technical Assistance to the Ghana-Netherlands WASH Program (GNWP). The program is a joint initiative by the government of Ghana and the Dutch embassy in Ghana.  

Limited water facilities
Many Ghanaians have virtually no access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation. This situation has an adverse impact on public health in Ghana, hinders economic development, and leads to unhealthy living conditions.

The GNWP focuses on integrated urban water and sanitation and is a comprehensive program, combining infrastructure, capacity building and behavioral change, and financing interventions in five municipalities.

The aim of the GNWP is to design and construct a water supply and sanitation infrastructure that is both reliable and financially and institutionally sustainable.

Long-term master plan
In the first phase of the GNWP the Dutch consortium is to draw up a long-term master plan together with the five municipalities. In addition, designs will be produced and calls for tender issued in preparation for the investment phase. The project group will undertake these activities in collaboration with the municipalities and local stakeholders, as capacity building is a key aim of the program.

Awareness of importance of clean water and proper hygiene
Behavioral changes will have to occur in the communities themselves. An important component of this first phase is the ‘WASH for Schools’ program, which seeks to make young people aware of the importance of clean water, adequate sanitary facilities and proper hygiene. In addition, improved facilities will be installed in schools.


Improve the technical and institutional water supply and sanitation infrastructure in five Ghanaian municipalities


  • Long term master plan
  • Designs and tender documents for selected projects
  • Training protocols



Project location

Project partners

  • Simavi
  • Witteveen+Bos