Young Water Professionals @Work in Indonesia

Young Indonesian Water Professionals trained to manage complex multi-stakeholder water projects (MDF, SWO, Deltares)

Posted on 25 July 2014


Indonesia is facing a shortage of sufficient qualified staff to manage complex water issues. Over five years there is  a large outflow of experienced staff and the influx of new water professionals is still inadequate. 

The Indonesian government has asked the Dutch government to provide for the capacity building of (non-technical) management skills of young water professionals so that they can operate in complex multi-stakeholder projects.  

Wateropleidingen, Deltares and MDF, together with experienced employees within the Dutch and Indonesian governments and international companies, will implement this project building the capacity of Young Water Professionals (YWP's) of the Ministry of Public Works in Indonesia. 

This Young Water Development Program will be implemented in the context of the Global Water Program and was officially launched during the visit of Minister Schultz van Haegen to Indonesia (31 March-4 April 2014).


  • Develop a Master Class to improve the management skills of a group of 20 to 30 young water professionals in managing complex, multi-stakeholder projects
  • Implement the various training modules
  • Integrate the Master Class in the institutional set-up of the Ministry


  • Curriculum for the Master Class
  • Training modules delivered
  • Advice on how to integrate the Master Class in the institutional set-up of PU

Project location

Project partners

  • Deltares
  • MDF Training & Consultancy B.V.
  • Wateropleidingen | World Water Academy