Drip irrigation/fertigation

Drip irrigation/fertigation in annual, arable crops under NW European circumstances

Posted on 15 August 2014


Farmers in the Netherlands face effects of salization, climate change with a scarcity of water. Our intention is to save the abundance of water from different periods during the year and use this water more efficiently and more effectively. This water can originate from several sources. 

Optimise drip irrigation in annual arable crops
Farmers are able to optimise their gifts of water, minerals and chemicals. It’s a way of precision farming like in greenhouses, but then in the open air. Farmers are enthusiastic about this system, but still questions are raised. For example, how to implement this system in the crops? How to manage the gifts? And what is the optimal gift and are there possibilities to steer the quality and quantity of (seed) potatoes, leek, onions etc. There are lots of questions related to plant physiology. DLV Plant is looking for international partners to collaborate on these issues.

Drip irrigation/fertigation offers farmers under different circumstances:

  • A new formula of sustainable and integrated crop production
  • Enough fresh water originating from different sources
  • Efficient irrigation and adding minerals with the use of drip lines
  • Drip lines can be situated on the surface of subsurface, depending on the farming system and crops
  • Efficient use of minerals (10 – 30 % less)
  • Efficient use of water (25- 50 % less)
  • Extra yield of 10 – 30 %.
  • Extra possibilities to steer the quality.

In the Netherlands DLV Plant recently started with pilots on farmers level with drip irrigation/fertigation. This system is well known in warm and dry climates and in fruit crops in the Netherlands, but not in annual, arable crops.

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Drip irrigation/fertigation in annual, arable crops under NW European circumstances

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