Strengthening research capacity in Yemen’s water sector

Strengthening research capacity in Yemen’s water sector for policy formulation, education and awareness raising

Posted on 3 September 2014


The project consortium led by the Water and Environment Centre (WEC) of the University of Sana’a, develops a new group of water thinkers, relevant research programs, an inter-disciplinary educational program, structural linkage to the water sector and gender mainstreaming. The project will set up a water sector partnership to be at the centre of debate and practical solution on water management in Yemen.


The project will make a substantial and measurable impact on resolving the water crisis in Yemen.

Project plan

The project has four specific objectives:

  1. To strengthen the institutional capacity of the WEC to undertake basic, applied and policy supporting research in the water sector for improving education, policy formulation and awareness raising;
  2. To establish an internal quality assurance system, prepare the Centre towards the standards of future accreditation of WEC’s educational and research processes and international recognition;
  3. To improve gender equality and women’s positions in education and research in the Centre in order improve gender equality in the water sector through increased access to training, research, services and employment’;
  4. To ensure that the research programmes developed are incorporating the labour market needs of the Yemeni economy.

Project location

Project partners

  • Alterra/Wageningen UR
  • MetaMeta Communications