Strengthening Local Government Capacity to effectively manage and deliver Water Services in Ghana

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has awarded US$ 3 million to IRC to continue and build on the work of Triple-S in Ghana

Posted on 29 October 2014


The Triple-S approach focusses on building government's ability to deliver and maintain water services.
IRC believes strongly that strengthening the ability of governments to lead the provision of services is not only the best route to scale, but the only viable exit strategy for charitable giving.

The grant from the Hilton Foundation will enable IRC to scale-up results of the innovations from the Triple-S work to more districts, and further strengthen the enabling structures to improve the quality of water services.

The aim of this 3 year project is to ensure that over the next three years, 1.3 million people in 13 rural districts in Ghana will have access to lasting water services. The award will support activities such as: (a) continued experimentation for increasing sustainability of water services in 3 pilot district: Akatsi, East Gonja and Sunyani West; (b) scaling up the innovative service delivery tools and models from the pilot districts to at least ten additional Conrad N. Hilton Foundation grantee districts; (c) strengthening district level coordination and water investments planning to reach the entire population in the district; (d) supporting CWSA in the rollout of updated policy documents, strategies and guidelines for delivering water services; (e) and disseminating lessons learned to international audiences.

Over the last five years, IRC has been working with CWSA (Community Water and Sanitation Agency) and local governments and communities in three districts (Akatsi, East Gonja and Sunyani West). As a result, 50,000 people can now trust that if a service breaks down it will be put right by local government and 1 million people can be assured that someone will be notified to fix the service. 

US$ 2,800,000
Donor: Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

See the IRC Wash website and the Video WASHCost Ghana for more background information. 

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July 2014- July 2017

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