Dutch Training and Exposure Program Rotterdam-Jakarta (2014-2016)

Posted on 18 December 2014


The Dutch Training and Exposure Program Rotterdam-Jakarta (2014-2016) was launched in Jakarta, Indonesia, in September 2014, as part of the bilateral cooperation agreement between the cities of Rotterdam and Jakarta on integrated urban water management, including capacity building and knowledge exchange.

The program is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia and the municipalities of Jakarta and Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Nuffic. The Netherlands Education Support Office (Nuffic Neso Indonesia) is coordinating the program from Jakarta.

The program will provide 24 participants from Pemda DKI Jakarta, the Jakarta Capital City Government, the opportunity to gain expertise and learn the best practices adopted by Dutch engineers, practitioners, administra- tors and policy makers during a three months internship in the Netherlands.
The first batch departed for the Netherlands in September 2014 and the last batch will return in May 2016. 

Hands-on at the world famous Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier.

The Indonesians will observe and participate in the daily operations of the City of Rotterdam and Water Board Delfland in the Netherlands. Weekly coaching sessions are part of the program. SMART learning goals are formulated at the beginning of the program, so that the participants start prepared and focused with the exposure program. The coaching program consists of excursions, guest lectures, reflection sessions on their performance at the host organization, SWOT analyses, preparation of presentations and the formulation of recommendations for the Jakarta Capital City Government. The coaching program is provided by the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Rotterdam UAS) at RDM-campus.

The training and exposure program will give young Indonesian professionals the opportunity to enhance their competence in dealing with challenges that are typical for delta cities. In the future, Jakarta will rely on these professionals to improve the city’s resilience towards many urban and environmental issues.

See the website of the city of Rotterdam (in Dutch only) and the websites below for more information. 


More information
City of Rotterdam
Water department

Nuffic Neso Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
+62 21 529 021 72

Pemda DKI Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia
+ 62 21 382 22 55

Rotterdam UAS / RDM Centre of Expertise
Rick Heikoop

Waterboard Delfland 
Postbus 3061, 2601 DB Delft
+31 (0)15 260 8175/+31 (0)6 53 19 53 71
J.M. Kaspersma,


24 young Indonesian professionals enhance their competence in dealing with challenges that are typical for delta cities in order to improve Jakarta’s resilience towards urban and environmental issues.

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  • Dutch Water Authorities | Unie van Waterschappen
  • Gemeente Rotterdam, afdeling Water
  • Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • Optiqua Technologies