Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment on Soqotra Island

Water Supply, Wastewater Collection, Disposal and Treatment Systems for the towns of Hadibo and Qalansiyah

Posted on 7 January 2015


The Soqotra archipelago is located in the north-western part of the Indian Ocean in the Gulf of Aden about 400 km south of the Yemeni Coastline. The population of the archipelago has been estimated to be about 44,000. It is one of the poorest and most disadvantaged group of islands anywhere. The water production for both Hadibo and Qalansiyah does not cover the water demand for the inhabitants and other activities. The existing water supply distribution system in Hadibo was not properly designed and 70% of it needs replacement while 30% has been installed in 2005. The continuity of water supply is daily but only for 12 hours per day.

The project aimed to improve the quality of life of the population in the towns of Hadibo and Qalansiyah by reducing health risks related to the use of insufficient drinking water (in terms of quantity and quality) and lack of wastewater collection and treatment. This goal was to be achieved through the provision of basic volume of safe water through new and /or rehabilitated production and distribution systems and sanitary schemes improvement of the operational efficiency of the rehabilitated and/or upgraded water supply and scheme, and an improvement of the hygiene awareness and health attitudes of the population.



  • To achieve an overall understanding of present water supply conditions and of future requirements.
  • To determine satisfactory service levels and standards commensurate with affordability and environmental concerns.
  • To ensure that facilities to be provided are least cost solutions financially, and environmentally sustainable, and appropriate to the circumstances.
  • To arrive at the most feasible alternatives for the development of sufficient and sustainable water resources for the demand through the project horizon.
  • To carry out hydraulic networks analysis and rehabilitation study of the existing water systems.
  • To recommend and design improvements and extensions to the water facilities to serve the population of the project area to the year 2034.
  • To prepare the feasibility study and detailed design and tender document of the first stage for sewage collection and treatment facilities. 


  • Preparation of water supply system design report (feasibility report).
  • Preparation of detailed engineering design and tender documents for water supply project of Hadibo and Qalansiyah.
  • Preparation of wastewater design report ( feasibility report).
  • Preparation of detailed engineering design and tender document for wastewater collection and treatment systems.

Current status
Detailled designs completed, preparing tender documents

Project location

Project partners

  • Mott MacDonald