The Water Entrepreneur

More than small water wells and safe drinking water

Posted on 6 February 2015


The idea behind The Water Entrepreneur is to create a situation in which income can be generated from making and maintaining shallow wells. This will provide homes in the Alibori region in Northern Benin access to safe drinking water for a reasonable payment. The Water Entrepreneur’s returns will then be distributed. A savings account will be established to enable the Water Entrepreneurs, the source and the drinking water pumps constructed over these to be maintained and, in time, to enable installation of new wells or development of new ideas. The entrepreneurs will also contribute a percentage of their income to Stichting De Eijkelkamp Foundation to create an investment fund to help train and support new Water Entrepreneurs. 

International partners
Le Pont Foundation (NGO)
- Founded in 2004. This foundation’s mission is to improve cooperation between Europe and Benin regarding rural development.

Institute National d’Eau Benin – In 2013 the governments of Benin and the Netherlands established this new National Water Institute, together with Abomey Calavi University.



Support 40, preferably female, unemployed graduates to develop a water enterprise with which they offer the rural population of Benin sustainable access to safe drinking water.

Project location

Project partners

  • Stichting Both ENDS