Contract Management Depolderisation Noordwaard, the Netherlands

Posted on 21 October 2015


In the coming decades the peak discharges of large rivers in The Netherlands will increase due to climate change. Current river capacities are insufficient to handle these increased discharges resulting in increasing flood risks along the rivers. The Dutch Programme ‘Room for the River’ consists of measures that will increase the capacity of these large rivers and subsequently reduce flood risk. One of the measures is the depolderisation of the river Noordwaard in the Biesbosch. Depolderisation typically means that the primary dike on the river side of a polder is (partly) excavated and relocated land inwards. As a result the polder is (partly) depoldered and water can flood the area at high water levels resulting in a lower overall water level in the river.

Project plan
During the construction phase of the depolderisation of the river Noordwaard, Royal HaskoningDHV was responsible for the contract management of the project which focused on checking the quality systems of the contractor. Based on an up to date risk register Royal HaskoningDHV advised the contractor to carry out a mix of verifications (system-, process and product verifications) on the quality systems. The planning of the different verifications was recorded in a detailed verification planning. The auditors and specialists of Royal HaskoningDHV cooperated with the lead auditors of our client during the checking process. Results and recommendations were recorded in a verification file which was subsequently fed back to the team of contract supervisors. Based on this file and in consultation with the client the risk register was revised and updated.



Royal HaskoningDHV successfully supported and advised the client in applying the advanced method of Contract Management for project Depolderisation Noordwaard. Royal HaskoningDHV has the specific knowledge and experience to check and verify the design deliverables of the contractor for works on infrastructure, civil structures, earthmoving, retaining structures, water defences and hydraulics.

Current status
This project started in 2011.

Project location

Project partners

  • Province of Noord-Brabant
  • Province of Zuid-Holland
  • Royal HaskoningDHV